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Thawing Out

Aggrieved by the frigid spell that’s gripped most of the Chesapeake Bay from the “Ice Princess” Elsa. Maryland DNR took the necessary steps to help open waterways. Back Creek recently had a visit from the John C. Widener icebreaker boat. First responders, like U.S. Coast Guard crews, and commercial crews count on the DNR icebreakers […]

Oyster Gardening Program at BJYY

Check the forecast! There may be an oyster front moving in to BJYY… There are many programs that focus on the restoration and preservation of our beloved Chesapeake Bay, but one local program is generating a lot of interest amongst slip holders here at Bert Jabin Yacht Yard. As boaters, the need to replenish and […]

Winter at BJYY

This winter weather has been exceedingly trying on everyone here at Bert Jabin Yacht Yard, but thanks to the aid of the John C. Widener, our travel-lift docks were open and accessible.